Baking For The Non-Bakers

Banana Nut Muffins Hey My Sweethearts!! If you know me you know I love Fall. One of my favorite activity to do during the season is to bake. Now I’m not a traditional baker,I don’t bake from scratch so I use the Betty Crocker muffin mix. I like to make their blueberry and triple berry muffins but my favorite ones to make is the banana nut ones. For all my bakers that don’t bake from scratch or want to make some quick muffins you can’t go wrong with the Betty Crocker ones. Below I’m showing you how to make them. I hope you all like these types of blog post if so I’ll do more like these. Have A Great Day Sweeties XOXO -Sakia Ellis Pour Mix Into A Bowl You Can Add Water Or Milk(I Use Water) The

Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Fall Y’all FALL......My favorite time of year. I live in Florida so it’s still basically hot here but once Fall come around it’s still this refreshing feel in the air. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons like all the yummy fall smelling candles, beautiful decor,and Halloween just to name a few . I can’t forget about the fashion though. Fall is when I come alive with my style and fashion. During Fall you can find the cutest clothes like this cute t-shirt I purchased from Walmart. I never had an actually Fall graphic t-shirt besides the Halloween ones I have. I had saw other bloggers post about this shirt so I had to have it. Below are some visuals of the t-shirt. it was only $5.

Subway Done My Way

“Subway Done My Way” Hello Everyone & Happy Sunday!! This weekend I spent some time with my mom. We went to one of our favorite fast food restaurants “Subway”. I’ve loved this restaurant since I was younger. What I get from Subway has changed over the years. Below are pictures of me and my mom out enjoying our lunch,what meal I got and what I wore. I’m giving my meal detail & my outfit Details below. I hope you enjoy this cute blog post and catch my new ones coming soon. XOXO -Sakia Ellis Me and Mommy Having Lunch My Meal I like turkey,American cheese,lettuce,tomatoes,cucumbers and extra mayo(my mom think that’s disgusting,lol) on wheat bread(toasted). I started to get this sandwich three ye

Stepping Out My Comfort Zone

Stepping Out My Comfort Hello My Sweeties,today I will be sharing with you all a different type of blog post. Today I will be sharing with you all about how I stepped out my comfort zone. When it comes to my hair I usually like to keep it black. I have done brown and ombre(black and blonde) hair before but NEVER have I tried mostly blonde hair. I was skeptical about doing it because I wasn't sure how I would look. I told myself I would never do blonde hair but here I am at 29 years old with blonde hair. At first it was weird to look at myself with it but after awhile I've gotten use to it and I LOVE IT. I also have gotten a lot of compliments from family,friends and my followers on social me

The Golden One|Early Fall Outfit

The Golden One|Early Fall Outfit Hello Sweethearts,Happy Wednesday Today I am bringing you all a blog post on a simple Fall outfit that everyone can wear. I live in Florida its pretty much still hot here during Fall. As a blogger of style and fashion I have to get creative with my Fall outfits were they are Fall related but I won't burn up. I put together this Fall inspired outfit with style pieces I've had over the years. Below are details on where I got each style piece and visuals of my outfit. I hope you all enjoy this simple and straight forward blog post. Have a good day and don't forget to subscribe. XOXO -Sakia Ellis Outfit Details T-Shirt & Jeans:Forever21 Flats:Walmart Purse:Michae

My Office Fall Decor

My Office Fall Decor Hello My Sweeties, today I will be sharing a special blog post with you all. Its all about my office Fall decor. I love Fall so much and decorating is one of my favorite hobbies. So decorating for Fall is one of my favorite activities during the season. A lot of different stores sale Fall decor/decorations but some are overpriced in my opinion. I'm all about shopping smart and finding affordable pieces and things when it comes to my clothes and beauty products so it is the same when I decorate. I purchased a lot of my decor over the last 4 years. I purchased all the items from different stores like Walmart,Ross,Family Dollar,Dollar General and Dollar Tree. Below are visu

Bitmoji Inspired Look

Bitmoji Inspired Look Hey My Sweeties & Happy Sunday Many of you use Snapchat and have created a bitmoji. As I was looking at the outfit I chose for mine I realized it looks very similar to pieces I had in my collection. So I decided to bring the look to life. It’s amazing how you can find style inspiration in different places you wouldn’t usually look.I have listed my outfit details,beauty(lip) details & visuals of said outfit/Look. I hope you all enjoy this inspired look. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my new blog post to come. XOXO -Sakia Ellis Outfit Details Cardigan|Jeans|Flats:Forever 21 Tank:Walmart Beauty Details(Lips) Lip Gloss: Nicka K Lip Gel|Bubble G

Plaid Shirt From Burlington|4 Styles

Hey Yall & Happy Saturday. Plaid shirts are a staple piece to Fall fashion and personally one of my favorite style pieces to wear during the season. I purchased this plaid shirt at Burlington. I purchased this shirt last month during the Tax Free Holiday here in Florida. I usually wear smalls but I got this one in medium.It was at a good price, only $9.99. Below are 4 different looks of how you can wear this shirt in different styles. I paired it with a black pair of jeans but you could also do white or blue jeans(I'll do a blog post on those looks at a later date). I showed you how to wear it button down or opened up with a tank or t-shirt,whichever way you would like. I also showed you how

My Friday The 13th

Hey Guys & Happy Friday The 13th, How is everyone today? I hope you guys are having a good one. I know Friday The 13th can make some people nervous and they are afraid to do anything because of the fear of everything going but to me its just another day, I say just keep positive thoughts in your mind to get you through the day. In this blog post I am sharing with you all how I spent my Friday The 13th and the outfit I wore. Its funny I picked out an all black outfit to wear today. I had this outfit planned out in my head for a little while now and just happen to decide to wear it on this day. It was not done on purpose. Below are visuals of my outfit and my lunch I had on my lunch date with

My Favorite NYX Fall Lippies

Hello my beauties and Happy Monday,today I'm sharing with you all some of my favorite Fall NYX lip products. I tend to wear lipsticks and lip colors in the Fall than I do during the Summer months. I like the darker lip color and they fit best during the Fall months. Below I am showing all the different lip products I use from NYX from liquid lipsticks, to lipsticks and color lip glosses. I have places links above each one and I also have a link you can shop some of these lippies on my Amazon(Its Glamor Daily). I hope you all enjoy this post and look forward to my future post. XOXO -Sakia Ellis NYX Butter Gloss Gingersnap Red Velvet Devil's Food Cake Red Wine Truffle Mega Shine Lip Gloss Plus

Time And Tru Fall Pieces

Time And Tru Fall Pieces Hello my affordable fashion lovers and Happy September. As you all know I love affordable fashion and Fall fashion. Walmart has all of that and more. They have a lot of new Fall style pieces from their brand Time and Tru.They have different tops, blouses,cardigans,sweaters,jackets,jeans,pants and shoes. I have put a list of a few of their new items below that I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. Everything listed below is under $30. You can shop these items on their website(which I left links to) or in store. I will be putting together another list of their new Fall items later on. I hope these finds help you find some cute affordable items you can add to you Fal

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