Thanksgiving Decor To Holiday Decor

Thanksgiving Decor To Holiday Decor Hello Sweetie,Well Thanksgiving is over so we are officially in holiday mode. Now it’s time to decorate for the holidays. Below I’m showing you all how I went from Thanksgiving/Fall Decor To Christmas/Holiday Decor. My decorations are affordable. Most of the decorations comes from Walmart,Dollar Tree,Dollar General,Big Lots,Old Time Pottery & other discount stores. I hope you guys enjoy my room decor and how I transition from one season to the next. I will be sharing more of my holiday decorations in future post. I hope you all are enjoying your Black Friday & have a great weekend. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone I just wanted to come by and share with you all how my Thanksgiving went with my family. I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I enjoyed time with my family. I had good food and I’ll be watching my Saints hopefully beat those dirty birds(The Falcons). I hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving and are enjoying your family & friends. Below are pictures of me and my family preparing food + more. I hope you enjoy this post and the pics below. XOXO -Sakia Ellis My Outfit(I kept it simple this year,BTW:My T-shirt is from Walmart) A Few Pics Of Us Preparing The Food The Food(Yummy) Thanksgiving Decor Time To Eat The Fam

Thankful|Grateful|Blessed:Things I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Sweethearts!! How are you all on this lovely Wednesday evening?? I hope you all are doing well. Today I’m bringing you all a special blog post dedicated to a few things I’m thankful for in honor of tomorrow being Thanksgiving. There are so many things I am thankful for which would make this post VERY long so I’ll only be sharing a few. ~God~ Where can I start?? Without God none of the other things I’m thankful for would exist. Without God’s love,mercy and blessings I would not be where I am today. I am thankful for God’s unconditional love for me inspite of my mistakes. With everything I’ve been through in my life that I never thought I would get through God got me

My 2019 Black Friday Wish List

My 2019 Black Friday Wish List Hey Sweeties & Happy Monday!! Black Friday shopping season is here and some of the deals are already live on certain websites. I'll be off from work on Black Friday so I plan on getting some shopping in for my family,friends and myself. I have put together a nice list of things that I would like to purchase for Black Friday. I will be doing my shopping online because I really don't like to deal with the big crowds and people get really crazy during Black Friday. I haven't been out at the actual stores since 2011. I've been doing my Black Friday shopping online since 2012. Will you all be Black Friday shopping?? If so will you all be shopping in the stores,onlin

Bath and Body Works Candle Day Wish List

Bath and Body Works Candle Day Wish list Hey Sweethearts & Happy Sunday!! As many of you know "Candle Day" at Bath and Body Works is coming up really soon and I know a lot of us are excited,I know I am. Their candles will only be $8.00!! Thats amazing because their candles usually are $24.50. I have put together a list of the candles I am interested in purchasing(pictured below). One of the candles I already have in my collection but I do not have it in this years label. It is their Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. It's one of my favorite candles from Bath and Body Works. A lot of the other ones I'm interested in are new ones from their holiday collection. Are any of you guys participating in "Candle

My Time And Tru:Christmas Wish List

My Time And Tru:Christmas Wish list Hello & Happy Wednesday Sweethearts Today I’m bringing you my Time and Tru Christmas Wish list. Time and Tru is one of my favorite brands as you all know. I’ve been wearing this brand since Walmart introduced it last year and I’ve been in love with it ever since. So it’s only fitting that I would want things from their brand for Christmas. Below are just a few items I would like from their brand. Their links are also listened below if you would like to check them out for yourself. Don’t Forget To Leave A Comment Below & I Hope You Enjoy The Rest Of Your Wednesday. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) Women's Sweater Snake Button Down Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Woven Plaid Sh

Holiday Shopping|My Shopping Trip To Rose Department Store

Hey Sweethearts, so today I’m sharing with you all my trip to Roses Department Store in Tampa. I remember going to Roses when I use to leave in North Carolina. It’s a store that’s located mostly in the south.The store sell discounted items from clothes,shoes,accessories,home decor,holiday decor and beauty products + more. So you all know I love this store because I’m all about discounts & bargains. I’m all about saving money. I’m so happy that they built one in my area because before the nearest one to me was more than an hour away. So I will be making more trips there. FYI:Since we are getting more into the holiday/shopping season I'll be doing more post about my shopping trips and online

Still Fallin’

Still Fallin’ Happy Sunday & Welcome Back Once Again I’m back with another blog post for you guys on this lovely Sunday evening. As we all know once November hits everyone gets into Christmas mode & I’m guilty of it too. BUT It’s still Fall & we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet and I’m still somewhat in the Fall mode. Below are visuals of a cute & stylish Fall outfit I put together using some of my older style pieces. I’m also featuring a pumpkin I bought last month. Below are details and visuals of my outfit and pumpkin. I’m starting to get back into doing more style & fashion post which is the base of my blog. Enjoy this post,comment below and sign up so you don’t miss out on any of my

Holiday Shopping At Old Time Pottery

Holiday Shopping At "Old Time Pottery" Hello Sweethearts & Happy Sunday. I took a trip to one of my favorite stores called "Old Time Pottery". I remember going to this store with my mom when I was in high school. As I've gotten older It has became one of my favorite stores.They have so many great items for the home. I take trips there throughout the year but this trip I went for holiday decor. They had so many things I didn't get a chance to take pics of everything but I did get a lot of great pics. I didn't pick up a lot of stuff this trip but I plan on going back for more later. I hope you all enjoy the visuals below and this post overall. Don't forget to leave a comment & subscribe so you

My BABW & VS Haul

My BABW & VS Haul Hey Sweethearts & Welcome To My Blog Today I’m bringing you my Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret haul. These are items I got over the past month or so. Below are visuals of everything in my haul plus my YouTube haul video. I hope you enjoy this haul & look forward to my future post & hauls. Don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe to my blog. My BABW & VS Haul Video Link XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) My BABW Items Black Raspberry Vanilla Pink Cashmere & Cherry Blossom Champagne Apple & Honey Frosted Coconut Snowball Twisted Peppermint & Vanilla Bean Noel My VS Items Love Spell Amber Romance Cake Confetti

My Thanksgiving Decor

My Thanksgiving Decor Hey Sweeties & Happy Monday!! The work week has started and it’s back to the grind but that will not stop me from bringing you a quick but festive type blog post. In this post I will be sharing with you all my Thanksgiving/Fall decor. I’ll be letting you know where I purchased the items in the picture above. So sit back relax and enjoy this post. I feel you don’t have to break the bank when it come to decorating for the holidays(well I feel you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to a lot of things). I purchase my decorations from stores like Walmart,Dollar General,Dollar Tree,Big Lots,Family Dollar and Ross. The signs on my wall came from Dollar Tree and Big Lot

Holiday Decorations Shopping

Holiday Decorations Shopping The holidays are just around the corner. The stores already have their stores stocked with Holiday decor. Really the stores have had decor since October. I love decorating for the holidays. Today I went to Walmart and did some shopping. I found a few holiday/Christmas decorations that I liked. They had so many things. You could spend so much time looking for the right decorations. I didn’t spend too much time because I had other things to get. They had inside and outside decorations. They had certain decorations color coordinated which I feel helps when you are looking for certain things. I have provided visuals of my outfit of the day,several visuals of the deco

My Goodwill Haul

My Goodwill Haul Hey Everyone Finally!! I am here with my Goodwill Haul for you guys. I have been so busy with work and other things I hadn't had time to get my haul together for you guys but its finally here. So sit back relax and enjoy my mini "Fashion Show". So as you all know I went to my local Goodwill at the end of October and I found so many great things. From clothes,accessories and purses. I even found part of my costume. If you would like to check out my Halloween blog about my costume click this link ( I got a few shirts,some bottoms,sleep pants,accessories & a costume. Most of the items where only

Hello November

Hello November Hello Sweeties & Happy November This blog post is simply an update style post and to let you all know about my ideas for my future post. November is that month were it’s still Fall. We still have Thanksgiving to go but it’s like once October/Halloween is over a lot of people go into Christmas/Holiday mode which is fine. November is like the “Sunday” of Fall(lol); My goal for this month is to still give you all Fall related post and I’ll also be giving you holiday post as well. I hope you guys look forward to my post this month. I hope you all have a great November and the rest of 2019. -Sakia(Glamor) XOXO

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Hey Sweethearts and Happy Halloween Halloween happens to be one of my favorite holidays even as an adult it’s one of my favorite holidays. This year for Halloween I decided to be a sexy little bunny. I decided on this for a few reasons. My costume is pretty simple. I just put took one of my black tanks tops and paired it with a black skater skirt. I added a pair of knee high socks and lacy gloves. I purchased my bunny ears,the tail and the choker as a set from the Goodwill. It was only $6.00. This is my DIY look on a “Sexy Bunny”. I did a simple makeup look. I made my bunny nose and whiskers with black eye liner. Below I have visuals & selfies of the whole look. I hope you gu

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