Accessories:My Beanie Collection

Accessories:My Beanie Collection Happy Terrific Tuesday, My Sweeties!! Y’all know I love my accessories. I feel a good accessory can turn a regular outfit into the flyest outfit ever. Today I’m sharing with you all my beanie collection. Beanies are some of my favorite accessories.I got into wearing beanies around 2013/2014. During that time I started to collect different ones. I started off collecting solid color ones. I then began to collect printed ones. Out of all my beanies,my favorite is my pink and black Juicy Couture one. I plan on getting more beanies in more colors and prints. Below are visuals of my different beanies. I hope you sweeties enjoy this post and look forward to my next

Michael Kors:Winter Style

Michael Kors:Winter Style Hey Sweeties, Happy Monday!! It's time again for a style post. So lately here in Florida we have actually been getting winter-like weather. Because we are getting that type of weather I had a chance to break out my beanie,scarf and boots. I created this look surrounding my beanie and scarf. My scarf has tan and brown in it so I decided to pair them with a tan long sleeve shirt and a pair of brown boots. I also paired it with my tan and brown Michael Kors purse. Below are different visuals of this look. I hope you all enjoy this post and I hope you all continue to enjoy your Monday. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) Edited By:Marquis Salters Outfit Details Scarf,Beanie Purse Sungl

Barbie Girl:Testing Out My Ring Light

Barbie Girl:Testing Out My Ring Light Hey My Sweeties,Happy Sunday!! Today I’m sharing with you all selfies I took using my ring light. I was testing it out. I told you all in one of my blog post & YouTube videos about my ring light. Below I’ll leave a link to that post & video. I love my ring light. It’s simply amazing. If you would like to shop my ring light I’ll post a link for that as well. Thank you so much for checking out this post. I have some more amazing post coming y’all way so be on the look out for those. I hope you all continue to have an amazing Sunday. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) Ring Light Blog Post

Lifestyle:My Fitbit

Lifestyle:My Fitbit Hey Sweeties,Happy Wonderful Wednesday Today’s post is lifestyle related. It’s all about my Fitbit watch. I’ll be going in details all about this product and sharing visuals of it plus it’s accessories as well. What FitBit I Have? I have the Fitbit Versa. It is the the first FitBit Versa. I have a few different bands. The original band that came with the watch is a light pink/peach color which I think is really cute. I have 4 more. I have bands in the colors navy blue,black,gray and a more girly one which is kind of a rose gold color which I love. I plan on getting more bands. I want to be able to switch them up to go with my different outfits. What I Use It For?? I us

Accessories:My Baseball Cap Collection

Accessories:My Baseball Cap Collection Hey Sweeties!! So hats have to be one of my favorite accessories. I’ve been a hat girl since I was younger. My mom would always tell me I looked good in hats. I started really collecting hats when I got to college. I like different styles of hats and I have a few different ones in my collection. I did a blog post last year on my wide fedora hats. This time its all about my baseball caps. I got into baseball caps when I was in my mid to late 20s. I have a few really cute ones, some regular ones and I plan on adding more to my collection in the future. Most of my caps came from places like Walmart, Forever21 and Rainbow. I have visuals of myself in them b


"Confident" Confident,what everyone should be,confidence.....what everyone should feel. I know we all have our insecurities but we should never let them define us or consume us. A lot of times people let their insecurities consume them and they become envious and jealous of others. No one should ever feel that way about another person or another person’s situation. We all have great qualities about ourselves and we should focus on those things as well as the great traits and talents we have. We should also never let anyone shake us or try and to make us feel less confident about ourselves. Never let anyone try to belittle you or diminish what you do or have accomplished. If you know you do s

Ice Me Out Nails

"Ice Me Out Nails" Hey My Sweeties, Happy Fabulous Friday!! It’s time for a nail post. So I haven’t done blue nails in a while so I decided to do them again. I usually do a royal blue shade but this time I wanted to go lighter. Of course me and my nail tech had to add our own twist to the look. Below are visuals of my nails and all the polishes and products it took to create this nail look. I hope you enjoy these visuals and be sure to be on the look out for my next post. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) My Nails The Products Used On My Nails

Blogging Tips:Creating My Blog Post

Blogging Tips:Creating My Blog Post Edited By:Marquis Salters Hey Sweeties,Happy Wonderful Wednesday!! We are half way through the week,YAY!! So on to what this post is all about.......Creating posts for my blog. I have not done one on blogging tips post in a while so I thought this would be a good time for one. In this post I will be sharing how I come up with my blog post,how I plan them out,how I write my post up & who helps me edit them and also who takes my visuals for me. How I Come Up With My Post Ideas & Plan Them Out Ok first things first,you have to come up with ideas and good ones. Of course you have to have a niche,what is your blog all about?? This is where you start and it wi

Ubeesize:My First Ring Light

Ubeesize:My First Ring Light Hey My Sweeties,Happy Tuesday!! So I’m doing a special type of post. This one is all about upgrading my brand. As I got older, I started to take my brand more seriously and been more consistent with it as well. I believe being consistent is very important. When you are passionate about something you have to be consistent with it. I believe you have to put the the time,effort and work into it. Last year I put a lot of that into my website and I’ll be doing more with it this year. One of the biggest things I'm working on is my YouTube channel. My first step is upgrading my brand as far as my YouTube channel. To achieve that I purchased a ring light from Amazon. I

Fashion Issues

"Fashion Issues" Hey Sweeties & Happy Slay Saturday I’m back with a fashion related post for you guys.Today’s look is a little different from my usual everyday look. I decided to spice it up a little. My usual styles are everyday looks but lately I’ve been wanting to be more expressive with my style & looks. So I put together this look using some of my older style pieces and a new style piece. Below are some creative shots of my outfit and so are the details on each style piece. If you would like to check out some more visuals of this look you can check out my Instagram( I hope you all enjoy this look and the visuals. Don’t forget to subscribe to my

A Mustard Yellow Sweater:Styled Three Ways

Hey My Sweeties,Welcome Back To My Blog & To My New Viewers Welcome. Today’s post is a style based post. I’m showing you guys how you can wear a mustard yellow three different ways by just changing the shoes,purse & sunglasses. Below are visuals/details of each look. I Hope You Enjoy This Post. Leave A Comment Below On Your Thoughts On This Blog. Thanks For Checking Out This Blog & Don’t Forget To Subscribe So You Know When I Make A New Post. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) My Latest Youtube Video On These Looks Look 1 Top:Mustard Yellow(Ross Dress For Less) Bottoms:Blue Jeans(Ross Dress For Less) Shoes:Leopard Flats By Time And Tru(Walmart) Purse:Juicy Co

My New Fashion Pieces + Accessories Haul

My New Fashion Pieces + Accessories Haul Hey My Sweeties Today I have a fashion haul for you guys. These are my favorite type of post to do because fashion is my first love. I got a lot of great new fashion pieces. I have visual below of each piece. I hope you guys enjoy this post. I plan on doing more post like these. Thanks for checking out this post. Don’t Forget To Subscribe To Stay Up To Date About My New Post. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) Tops Bottoms Hats New Purses Shoes Accessories

How I'm Coming In 2020

How I'm Coming In 2020 Hey Sweeties,Happy 2020!! For my first post of 2020 I'm sharing with you all my first look of the year and a new piece added to my pajama collection. I had the day off from work so I was just lounging. I decided to get cute and share with you all this lounge look. I created this look with my new pair of pajama pants I got for Christmas. I love pajama pants and leopard. The other pieces I am wearing are older pieces I've had over the years. In 2020 I am truly getting back to the woman I am but with an upgrade. I feel I had to downplayed myself in certain situation to spare certain situations but I thought to myself about it. I came to the conclusion I have to be myself

Champagne Please|Happy New Year's Eve

Champagne Please|Happy New Year's Eve Hey Sweeties & Happy New Year's Eve!! This is my last blog post of 2019, I took my blogging more serious this year and I have so many great post I shared with you all this year. For my last post of 2019 I am sharing with you all my last look of 2019 and of the 2010s. Its a very casual but super cute look/outfit. I got my sweatshirt from Target. It was on sale for a great price.I got my jeans a while back. They are one of my favorite pairs of jeans. I paired this look with some of my favorite rose gold jewelry pieces. As far as what I'm doing tonight I'm keeping it simple. I am spending time with my love ones and having some wine. I won't be going too har

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