Keep Calm|Wash Your Hands My BABW Spring Soaps Haul

Hello Sweeties & Happy Thursday!! Ok so we all know what’s going on around the world because we all are being affected by it. We have to take care of ourselves and do what’s necessary. One of the most important thing is washing your hands. Washing your hands has always been important. A lot of us didn’t have an idea of how to properly wash our hands and for how long. With the type of job I have I knew the proper way to wash my hands. Today I’m going to share with you my spring foaming hand soaps I purchased from Bath & Body Works and how to properly wash your hands. I hope you all enjoy this post and find it helpful as well. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) How To Wash Your Hands Properly My Spring Foami

Krazy Kup Coffee Shop

Hey Sweeties,Happy Hump Day!! Ok so I’m super late with this blog post but better late than never. A couple weeks ago I went to one of my favorite places in Plant City called “Krazy Kup”. It’s a cute coffee shop in the heart of downtown Plant City. It is a unique coffee shop. My first time visiting was around this time last year. I did a blog post about my first visit. Here is a link to that post ( Besides their name they have unique business hours but due to what’s going on they are only serving customers through their pick-up window. If you are in the Valrico or Plant City area you should pay them a visit. Small busin

My New Pajamas

Happy Tuesday My Sweeties!! A lot of us are sending our days at home because of what’s going on in the world. So a lot of us are sending time in comfy clothes or pajamas. I purchased some recently. Below I will be sharing them with you and where I purchased them from. What comfy clothes or pajamas are you all wearing during this time?? I hope you enjoy this post and look forward to my post to come XOXO -Sakia(Glamor) Edited By: Marquis Salters Squeeze The Day Size:Small Sunday Funday Size:Small Life Is Always Better In Pajamas Size:Small Lemon Shorts Size:Small Always Be Kind Size:Small Satin Pajamas Set Size:Small

Brighter Days:My New Era

Brighter Days.......My New Era........The Golden Era.......My 30s. I am now in my 30s. My 20s held some great moments and some not so great moments. So in my 30s I'm trying to have more great moments. I had got to a point in my life where I wasn’t as hopeful. A lot of things was going on with me and the space I was in was. It wasn’t good or healthy. I know a lot of us looks like we have it all together but really a lot of us are trying our hardest to hold on. It just us being humans. We don’t have it all together all the time and that’s ok. it’s not ok to stay in a certain situation or space in our lives for too long. We have to get the help and fight to get out of that. I’m at the point in

My New Leopard Dasein Purse + Wallet

My New Leopard Dasein Purse + Wallet Hey Sweeties & welcome back to It’s Glamor Daily & to my new supports welcome & enjoy. Today I will be sharing with you all my new leopard & black Dasein purse & wallet. Now all my supporters and followers know I love leopard. Pretty much anyone that knows me knows that. For my birthday,my boyfriend picked out and bought me this purse. He did it all on his own. I love the fact that he pays attention to the things I like. He is the type of person that pays very close attention to details. So about this amazing purse, I asked him where he found it and he told me on Amazon which is where he works. I asked for link the so I could add it to my Amazon Influence

My Walmart Try On Haul

Hey Sweeties, Happy Sunday & March!! I know it’s been a minute since I did a try on haul for you all but I’m back with one. These items are all gifts I got from my family & myself for my birthday last month. Spring is approaching soon. I decided to pick out some new spring pieces to add to my wardrobe. I wanted to kind of update my style a little since I am in my 30s now. Below are visuals of me trying on all my new pieces. I have also provided the sizes I bought them in and links. There are two items I don’t have links to(Sorry Guys). Nevertheless please enjoy this post and be on the look out for my future post. I hope you all continue to have a great Sunday and a wonderful March. XOXO -Sak

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