Glamor Presents “Glamor’s Glam Squad”

Hello my sweeties,Happy Sunday Today’s post is a little different. This post isn’t necessary geared to strictly fashion,beauty or lifestyle but this new idea I’m sharing with you all will include those elements. This post is about this great concept I came up with called “Glamor’s Glam Squad. In this post I’ll be sharing with you how the whole “Glamor” persona started, where I got the idea to start “The Glam Squad” and what it represents and will be all about. So this post will be a little lengthy. So get a snack,kick back & enjoy this post. Where Glamor Came From? My Glamor persona came when I was in high school. It was 2007, I was 17 going into my senior year of high school. That summer th

Fall Style|Stylish Fall Outfit

For my fashion & style lovers we like to look good but a lot of us don’t want to break the bank to do so. We want to look good but keep money in our pockets. Well here is where I show you all another stylish and affordable look you can rock during the Fall. The featured piece of this look are the pants. I just love these style pants. They are from Walmart and their brand “No Boundaries”. I paired it with a black top from Forever 21. I added my red flats also from Forever 21, a red beret and a red purse. I Chose to use red style pieces & accessories to set the outfit off. Below are visuals of the complete look and details on each piece. I hope you all enjoy this post. Please feel free to leav

My Amazon/Prime Day Haul + Try Ons

Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop when it comes to clothes,shoes,accessories, home decor, tech items and more. This year I purchased items from the Prime day sale and other discounted items. I purchased so many great items. I purchased home decor, clothing apparel & accessories. Below I have provided visuals of the items I purchased and details on the items. I also provided my link to my storefront so you can check out the items and purchase if you like. Thanks so much for checking out this post. Please feel free to leave a comment and any questions you have below. -Sa’kia|Glamor My Amazon Storefront Leopard Face Mask Leopard Turban Pink Silk Robe Pink Leopard Slippers Pink Beret P

Fall Style|Fall Staple Pieces

Hello Sweeties,Happy Wednesday!! Fall is one of the seasons where you can really accessorize which is why it’s my favorite season for fashion. You can add beanies, scarves, cardigans to your outfit. It’s also when people start to wear sweatshirts,jackets,boots And etc. Today I’m sharing with you all different Fall outfits featuring style pieces that are perfect for the season. I have visuals & details of each outfit/look below. Please feel free to comment below and also you can leave any questions you have below. Thanks for checking out this post, I really appreciate it. -Sa’kia|Glamor Outfit Visuals Outfit 1 Featured Piece:Plaid Shirt Outfit 2 Featured Piece:Scarf Outfit 3 Featured Piece:Sw

Happy Prime Day

Guess what day it is?? It’s Prime Day!! Yes prime day is finally here. Now prime day usually happens during the summer. With the pandemic happening this year it got pushed back but I say better late than never. I am a prime member and have been for almost a year now. So I’m happy to actually be participating in the festivities this year(lol). I love a good sale & affordable shopping. I’m also a Amazon associate/influencer so I have my own store front which I’ll be listening right here(My Storefront ). I’ll also be putting together some of my Prime Day finds in a list on my storefront so be sure to follow me on there. I’ll be sharing some home Decor, fashion finds and other things as well I

Lifestyle|My 2020 Fall Candles + My Fall Collection

Candles.....oh how I love my candles. My love for candles started when in middle school. From then to now I’ve always had some what of a candle collection. I became a true candle collector in 2016. Every since then my collection has grown......A LOT(lol). I have scents for every season & different occasions. I do plan on downsizing my collection. My favorite season & occasions of candles are fall candles. I just love the different scents like pumpkin. I didn’t become a fan of Pumpkin scents until I started really collecting in 2016. Each year the stores bring out such great candles and I get so excited and want to buy everything(lol). This year I didn’t go too overboard. I purchased a few ca

Lifestyle|My Kitchen Fall Decor

Fall Decor......if you’re going to decorate for the season why not decorate the key rooms in your house. As you know I’ve shared my fall decor of my other rooms & front porch now it’s time to share the kitchen decor. I first got the idea to decorate the kitchen last Fall season. This is my second year decorating the kitchen. I used affordable finds from Dollar Tree & Walmart. You can decorate for all seasons & occasions and make your home festive without “breaking the bank.” I hope you enjoy the visuals of everything. Feel free to leave a comment and any questions below. -Sa’kia|Glamor Visuals Of My Kitchen Fall Decor

Fall Style|Blue Jean Shirt Styled 4 Ways

Blue Jean of my favorite style pieces for Fall. Today I’m showing you how to style two different blue jean shirts. These shirts are pieces I’ve had in my collection for a while. You can take old pieces and make them new by styling them in different ways. Below are visuals & details of each looks. Thanks for checking out this post,If you have any questions leave them and your comments below. Sa’kia|Glamor Outfit 1 Details Jean Shirt:Ross Top:Forever21 Pants:Walmart Flats:Time And Tru(Walmart) Outfit 2 Details Jean Shirt:Walmart Pants:Walmart Flats:Time And Tru(Walmart) Outfit 3 Details Jean Shirt:Ross T-Shirt:Can’t Remember Pants:Walmart Belt:Ellen Tracy(Ross) Flats:Walmart O

Fall Scents|My BABW $4.95 Fall Haul

The scents of Fall......some of my favorites. Bath and Body works recent had a sale on their body lotions & body creams. You all know I love a good sale, I’m all about affordable everything and I LOVE Bath and Body Works. The lotions & creams were on sale for $4.95. The lotions are regularly priced at $13.50 and the body creams at $14.50. I purchased 5 lotions. I repurchased some favorites and some new ones to add to my collection. Below are visuals of each lotion I purchased. Thank you for checking out this post.I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below. -Sa’kia|Glamor Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Country Apple (My Favorit

Fall Style|Walmart Fall Outfit

Fall style......I love, affordable Fall style I especially love. Today I’m bringing you all a very stylish Fall look that is from one of my favorite stores, Walmart. Every piece used to create this look except the hat and sunglasses are from Walmart. The hat and sunglasses are from Forever21. This outfit was so much fun to create. So far it has to be one of my favorite outfits of the season. I had this outfit created in my mind for a while but wanted to present it at the right time. The style of this look gives me 70s vibes. The colors just gives you all the Fall vibes. I hope you all enjoy this look and enjoy The visuals below of this look. -Sa’kia|Glamor Outfit Visuals Outfit Details

Fall Style|Colors Of Fall

Olive green,plum,mustard yellow and rust orange.....Fall has some of the most beautiful colors. They are so warm and cozy. Today’s post is all about those beautiful colors. I’ve created different outfits with 4 different fall colored shirts. All the pieces I used to create these outfits are new mixed with old. Below are visuals of each outfit. Please feel free to leave a comment and any questions you have below. -Sa’kia|Glamor Outfit 1 Outfit 2 Outfit 3 Outfit 4

Happy October|My Halloween Decor

October..........Oh how I missed you. October has to be one of my favorite months and Fall months. It’s just a cozy feel good time. let’s not forget it’s spooky season so that means horror movies and shows all month!! Today I’m going to be sharing with you all my Halloween decor. I hope you enjoy this post. Please leave a comment or any questions you have below. Sa’kia|Glamor My Halloween Decor

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