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Reinvent Yourself

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

"Old Ways Won't Open New Doors"

I've been blogging for a few years now. It started off as something just for fun until I got more passionate about it. That passion grew for me about 3 years ago when I started this blog. This year was the first year that I knew I had to make some changes if I wanted to be taken more seriously so I have begun making those changes.

I feel the first thing I needed to change was how I posed in my pictures. I was use to just standing and doing regular poses in a cute outfit. I learned that it's more to it than that. Those regular poses make for cute pictures but it doesn't catch people's attention and keep it. With what I am trying to do as a brand of my own and as a brand ambassador I knew I had to step out my comfort zone and explore different types of poses.

I had to change the locations of my pictures. I was just use to taking pictures around my house or outside my house. Doing it in the same old locations became boring because everyone was use to seeing it. Another way to make your pictures stand out and make people take notice is to use different locations as well along with different poses. When planning a blog post about an outfit you have to pick the right location. The location has to match your outfit/look. You can't be in a gritty location with a girly outfit on. Let the location match your look.

Another step I had to take was being comfortable taking pictures with people around. When you take pictures in public places there may be people around and sometimes people will stop and stare to see what's taking place. My hardest thing at first was working on not paying attention to them and keeping my mind focused on my facial expressions and my poses. If I focused on them and not what I was working to accomplish it would read on my face and in my body language(the way I posed). I'm not totally there just yet but I'm better at it than I use to be. With me now taking more pictures in public I feel I gradually becoming more comfortable and my photos will only get better.

Outfit Details

Hat- Time N Tru (Walmart)

Shirt- Rainbow

Pants -Ross Dress For Less

Shoes- Ross Dress For Less

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