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Careers....Some people know from the start what they want to do with their lives and some take a little more time. I knew what I wanted to do when I was in 3rd grade. I wanted to be a lawyer or so I thought. As I got older my mind and passion went in another direction. What changed my mind on what I wanted to do with my life came about in 2010. I had been thinking it over and I realized my true passion was fashion. Weather it was designing or styling I wanted to work in the fashion industry. My fashion path started in 2011. I was in college at the time but I was taking a semester so I begin really delving into the ins and outs of fashion. I thought a great way to start my career in Fashion would be to start my own clothing line. I was going through different names for my brand and I came up with OhMyGlam because Glam was my signature thing. I got the nickname Glamor when I was in high school and it stuck even after high school.

The journey of starting my clothing line has been a long time coming. First the process of trademarking my brand took place in 2012. It was a back and forth process with the trademark office making corrections so my trademark would be correct. It felt like I would never get it right and at times I felt like giving up. Finally on February 18th 2014 my brand was finally completed by the grace of God. I was super excited and was ready to start my journey as a clothing designer. But with life you’re going to have roadblocks.

During all this time I was back in school and really trying to put focus into that because I was ready to finish and be done with that process. So my brand took a backseat to me finishing school. With that came setbacks as well but I’m happy to say I finally finished school. One of the setbacks of me not putting much into my brand is I really didn’t know fully what I was doing or getting myself into. Don’t get me wrong I never gave up on my dream I still wanted to pursue it and make it happen but I didn’t know fully how. At the end of 2018 I sat down and thought long and hard about my life and where I wanted to go. I was approaching the last year of my 20s and I felt I underfed my early adult years but I wouldn't underfed the years to come. I got more serious about my passion and became more focus(I guess that came with me being older and more mature) and said I’m going to make this happen. Today I’m happy to say that OhMyGlam is up and running and open for business.

All of this wouldn't be if it wasn’t for God, my family,supporters and my determination to do what I love. So in closing I want to thank God,my family,and everyone who supported me. I hope you enjoyed my story of the journey and I hope it helps someone on their journey. Never give up and keep reaching for your dreams because with determination & God IT will happen!!

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