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Make The Locations Yours

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Pretty In Pink

A lot of times as bloggers we feel we have to have like "The" blogging spot. It has to be where most bloggers take pics like city shots,downtown or whatever blogging spot fits your niche but that's not true. You can take a location that no one would think of and come out with some really amazing pictures. For these photos I decided to take them at the mall, that's right the mall. There is a beautiful area at the local mall near where I live. One day I was thinking of new locations to take my blog photos and for some reason this particular spot popped into my head. The reason it popped into my head because its a very beautiful outside area. It has nice sitting area,nice landscape and a water fountain. Its a perfect place to take photos during Spring and Summer. Below are different shots in the different areas I wanted to take advantage of all the beautiful different spots. I wrote this blog to share with new up and coming bloggers or even bloggers that don't really have many traditional places to take their photos or for those to have ran out of ideas. You can take a nontraditional space or area and make it your own. I hope this blog post was helpful and you enjoy the photos. Check out my new blog post coming soon.


-Sakia Ellis

Outfit Details

Dress-Time and Tru (Walmart)


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