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My Friday The 13th

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hey Guys & Happy Friday The 13th, How is everyone today? I hope you guys are having a good one. I know Friday The 13th can make some people nervous and they are afraid to do anything because of the fear of everything going but to me its just another day, I say just keep positive thoughts in your mind to get you through the day. In this blog post I am sharing with you all how I spent my Friday The 13th and the outfit I wore. Its funny I picked out an all black outfit to wear today. I had this outfit planned out in my head for a little while now and just happen to decide to wear it on this day. It was not done on purpose. Below are visuals of my outfit and my lunch I had on my lunch date with my mom(sorry I didn't include any pics of my mom in this post). I hope you all enjoy this post and look forward to my next blog post which will be coming soon.

& Again Happy Friday The 13th


-Sakia Ellis

My Outfit Of The Day

Outfit Details


Heels:Charlotte Russe

Spent the day with my mom and had Lunch at Apple Bee's

Sweet Tea|The Drink Of The South

Mozzarella Stick|My Favorite Appetizer

My Lunch|Chicken Caeser Salad

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