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My Office Fall Decor

My Office Fall Decor

Hello My Sweeties, today I will be sharing a special blog post with you all. Its all about my office Fall decor. I love Fall so much and decorating is one of my favorite hobbies. So decorating for Fall is one of my favorite activities during the season. A lot of different stores sale Fall decor/decorations but some are overpriced in my opinion. I'm all about shopping smart and finding affordable pieces and things when it comes to my clothes and beauty products so it is the same when I decorate. I purchased a lot of my decor over the last 4 years. I purchased all the items from different stores like Walmart,Ross,Family Dollar,Dollar General and Dollar Tree. Below are visuals of me in my office and visuals of all my decor. Also I gave details on my simple outfit and a link to my t-shirt from Time and Tru. I will do another blog post for you all on Fall decor for less. I hope you all enjoy this blog post and check out the new ones to come. Have A Great Day


-Sakia Ellis

T-Shirt:Time And Tru Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee

Color:Spiced Cider Heather



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