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Subway Done My Way

Subway Done My Way”

Hello Everyone & Happy Sunday!!

This weekend I spent some time with my mom.

We went to one of our favorite fast food restaurants “Subway”. I’ve loved this restaurant since I was younger. What I get from Subway has changed over the years. Below are pictures of me and my mom out enjoying our lunch,what meal I got and what I wore. I’m giving my meal detail & my outfit Details below. I hope you enjoy this cute blog post and catch my new ones coming soon.


-Sakia Ellis

Me and Mommy Having Lunch

My Meal

I like turkey,American cheese,lettuce,tomatoes,cucumbers and extra mayo(my mom think that’s disgusting,lol) on wheat bread(toasted). I started to get this sandwich three years ago(2016) before that I use to get white bread and ham but the same toppings. I made a choice to stop eating ham and white bread at the end of 2015 so January of 2016 is when I switched. I've like to get my bread toasted first before I get anything on it, I've been doing that since 2010. For my sides I like to get nacho cheese Doritos and a Dr. Pepper to drink. I usually don't drink or like to drink sodas. Most the time I drink water,juice,lemonade(different flavors) or tea. I only drink Dr.Pepper when I go to Subway or Taco Bell. What do you all like to get when you all go to Subway(if you eat at Subway).

Outfit Details

Top:Ross Dress For Less

T-Shirt:Wet Seal


Slip On Sneakers-Time And Tru(Walmart)

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