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Hats:The Perfect Fall Accessories

Hats:The Perfect Fall Accessories

Hello Sweeties & Welcome Back To Blog Today is all about the perfect accessory.......hats. Hats are my favorite accessories and one of my favorite style pieces for Fall. Today I will be showing you all 3 perfect hats for Fall. Now I love all different types of hats but the fedora is one of my favorite styles of hat. Two of the hats I purchased from Forever21 a few year ago and one I purchased from Walmart recently(I’ll leave a link below and more details). I hope you enjoyed this blog post.


-Sakia Ellis

Taupe Colored Fedora From Forever21

This one is my favorite out of all my hats. I love it the most because of the color and it just looks so chic to me. I purchased this hat about 4 years ago during the tax free holiday sale.

Here is another beautiful stylish hat I purchased from Forever21. I had this hat for about 5 years. It was one of my first stylish hats that looked so good with my Fall outfits. Its the perfect color for Fall.

Now this beauty is new to my collection. I had been looking for a olive green fedora hat for a while. One weekend I was shopping for other things and happen to see this hat. Its a known fact that when you go to Walmart and Target you'll end up coming out with something that you didn't even plan on buying. Sometimes you'll forget the thing(s) you actually went to the store for(lol); Back to this beautiful hat though, its by Time and Tru. They had it in other beautiful Fall colors. Here is a link below where you can find it on the Walmart site and of course its in stores as well.

Time and Tru Fedora Hat

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