QUEEN|Hoodie Season

QUEEN|Hoodie Season

Hello Sweethearts & Happy Saturday

So it’s finally the right type of weather here in Florida to start wearing hoodies but it won’t last too long. I don’t mind the warmer weather just as long as it’s not too hot or not too cold like other places. Below are visuals of a new hoodie I got recently. This hoodie was perfect for me because one of my nicknames is “Queen”. I use to go by “Princess” in my younger days but as I grew up I started referring to myself as a “Queen" because I was becoming a woman, I was no longer a Princess because I was no longer a girl. I was carrying myself as a Queen and becoming one. I feel all women are Queens. We all have or need the strength, power and confidence to be Queens. We just have to tap into it. We just have to see and know our worth and never let anyone treat us less than that. So this post is not only about my new hoodie,the nicer weather,its about letting my ladies know that you all are Queens and should carry yourself as such. I hope you like the visuals below of my hoodie and leave a comment below letting me know how you like this post overall. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any of my new post.




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