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How I'm Coming In 2020

How I'm Coming In 2020

Hey Sweeties,Happy 2020!!

For my first post of 2020 I'm sharing with you all my first look of the year and a new piece added to my pajama collection. I had the day off from work so I was just lounging. I decided to get cute and share with you all this lounge look. I created this look with my new pair of pajama pants I got for Christmas. I love pajama pants and leopard. The other pieces I am wearing are older pieces I've had over the years.

In 2020 I am truly getting back to the woman I am but with an upgrade.

I feel I had to downplayed myself in certain situation to spare certain situations but I thought to myself about it. I came to the conclusion I have to be myself, either you are going to like me for being a little extra or not. I do like to keep it simple sometimes but sometimes I like to be what some people call "Being Extra". I'm being who I am and that makes me happy. I am happy with myself and how I am. I am excited to see the woman I will become in the future. I am happy to see who I will beome as a blogger, a business woman, who I am to my family,friends and as awife one day. I am growing as a person and a woman and I love who I am becoming. I do have my flaws but I'm working to make sure my good qualities outweigh those things. I'm a woman that is not just about her looks or beauty. I am about my personality,how I treat people and how hard I work for what I want and need.I hope you guys really enjoy this post. I'll be coming with some more new content soon. Don't forget to sign up to get e-mails about all my new post so you don't miss out. I hope you all have a great 2020 and I hope you guys look forward to my future post.



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