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Blogging Tips:Creating My Blog Post

Blogging Tips:Creating My Blog Post

Edited By:Marquis Salters

Hey Sweeties,Happy Wonderful Wednesday!! We are half way through the week,YAY!! So on to what this post is all about.......Creating posts for my blog. I have not done one on blogging tips post in a while so I thought this would be a good time for one. In this post I will be sharing how I come up with my blog post,how I plan them out,how I write my post up & who helps me edit them and also who takes my visuals for me. How I Come Up With My Post Ideas & Plan Them Out Ok first things first,you have to come up with ideas and good ones. Of course you have to have a niche,what is your blog all about?? This is where you start and it will help you. So I blog about fashion,affordable style & beauty,shopping and lifestyle. So my main focus is doing post about things in those categories. I like to start at the beginning of the week and think about what type of content I want to create about those specific topics. I use the notes app on my phone,an actual physical notebook and my planner. I write my ideas out, the type of visuals I want to take and when I want to post. When it comes to the post about fashion/style or me displaying my style,I will plan out an outfit out in my mind. Then I will try the outfit on to see if it looks good on me and if so,that will be my look for that post. Writing Out My Post + Who Helps Me Edit Them So after I get all those ideas together I write out my blog post either in my notebook or in the notes app on my phone. I usually write my post out before I take my visuals. I do it that way because it helps give me an idea of how I want them to look. As far as editing my post I use to do it myself. Now my sweetie proofreads them, makes the corrections and adds what he thinks will sound good. Then I tweak it by adding our ideas together. I had never thought to do that before till he came up with the idea. He says he wanted to help with my blog. It turned out to be very helpful in making making my post better so I thank him for that . Who Takes My Visuals Once the planning and post are written out it’s time to take the visuals. Three people usually take my pictures or videos. My brother,my mother and myself. My brother has been taking my pictures since he was in elementary(lol); So he has had a lot of practice because he’s now 23 years old. He knows my angles and how I like my pictures so the visuals come out right every time. My brother is currently in collage so sometimes he’s busy and sometimes I’m out and he may not be with me. So he can’t always take my pictures. Usually If I’m not out by myself I’m with my mom,so when we are out I will ask her to take them for me. My mom has learned a lot about how I like my pictures as well so she’s really good at taking them too. Then there are those times when I’m alone so I set my timer and take the pictures myself. Below I will post examples of when my brother,mother and I myself take my visuals. I hope this blog post was interesting but fun for you all to read. I’ll try to do more blogging tips posts for you all. If you don’t want to miss when I post my next one, sign up to my mail to keep you informed. Have A Great Evening Sweeties XOXO -Sakia(Glamor)

My Camera

My current planner

My older notebook where I write my blog ideas

My newer notebook where I write my blog ideas

Where I write out my outfit ideas

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