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Updated: Feb 21, 2021


Confident,what everyone should be,confidence.....what everyone should feel. I know we all have our insecurities but we should never let them define us or consume us. A lot of times people let their insecurities consume them and they become envious and jealous of others. No one should ever feel that way about another person or another person’s situation. We all have great qualities about ourselves and we should focus on those things as well as the great traits and talents we have. We should also never let anyone shake us or try and to make us feel less confident about ourselves. Never let anyone try to belittle you or diminish what you do or have accomplished. If you know you do something well and you’re confident in what you do, keep that same energy no matter what. I’m all about uplifting, encouraging & complimenting people; bringing them up, not down. I know how it is to feel insecure about certain things. I also don’t let those things get under my skin. I remain poised in what I do. I encourage everyone to not let their insecurities rattle them. I hope you sweeties like this uplifting post and find it interesting because it’s also fashion/style related. I hope the rest of y’all week goes well.



Edited By:Marquis Salters

Outfit Details

Blazer-Ross Dress For Less



Slip On Sneakers-Walmart(Time and Tru)

Necklace-From My Sweetie <3

Watch-From My Mom

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