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Beauty|My New Favorite Makeup Essentials

Makeup & Cosmetics...... there are so many different items. You can have so many in your collection but there are some that are your favorites or holy grails. I have added some new items to my collection that has become my favs lately.

Face Primers

When it comes to makeup you have to have a good base. That base will help to set your face for your foundation. Depending on your skin type you’ll need to use a primer that match your skin type. Some people have oily,dry or combination skin. I have dry skin. I’ve talked about having dry skin & eczema in previous post. The two new facial primers I’m loving are by Smashbox & Maybelline. One is a gel type & the other one is more of a lotion type. They aren’t too oily which works very well for my skin type and I love it.

Setting Sprays

Now you have your base(face primer) to help apply your foundation you now need your product to set all your makeup in place once you’re done applying all of it. I’ve used two other brands of setting sprays in the past that I’ve been hooked on for years. Recently I’ve tried two new setting sprays by Smashbox & Milani. They give me the same results as the previous products I’ve used. It truly makes my makeup last longer. It helps keep my makeup in place & to set my makeup all day.


One of my favorite makeup products is eyeshadows. One of my favorite brands of eyeshadows is Maybelline. I have a plethora of eyeshadow pallets from that brand. Their eyeshadows are very pigmented. This new pallet is called “Nudes Of New York”. I am a neutral & rose gold type of lady. I like the warmer tones of eyeshadows and this palette is perfect for me.


Last but not least there are mascaras. This is another type of makeup that is my favorite. I love mascara that give my lashes length and volume. I typically go for that type of mascara.

The three new mascaras I’m currently loving from Maybelline,Hard Candy and Paris Hilton gives me the length and volume I need. I like that look to my lashes. It doesn’t clump up my lashes which I can’t stand. A lot does go along way with these products.

I want to thank you all for taking the time out to check out this post. What are some new beauty products you are loving currently?? Leave your response,comments or questions below.


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