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Blog Tip|Staying Creative As A Blogger

Happy Tuesday Sweeties!! Today’s topic is all about staying creative as a blogger. What I’m going to share with I feel can benefit you when you are in a runt and run out of topics for your post or how to reinvent them so they won’t be the same thing. This post can also help keep you creative because of the certain situation the world is facing right now.

As a blogger we all have been there where we have fell into making the same type of post and it being the same. It’s nothing new or exciting. We’ve go through a phase where we can’t think of any new ideas. Trust me, I’ve been there and may face that issue again. That’s when your motivation has to kick in. That’s where you have to search for inspiration. When being creative,inspiration plays a big key.

One way to start is by thinking about what your brand and blog is all about. Think about the goals you are trying to reach as a blogger. Think of why you started your blog in the first place. Dig into where your passion started and it could give you new ideas or new creative ways to blog. That will be your motivation to keep going and get new ideas.

Now let’s get into the inspiration part of being creative. Other bloggers can play a major part in this. You can check out other bloggers that have the same interest as you. You can research bloggers that blog about the same things as you. See how they started with their blog and how the progressed with their post. Now this does not mean to copy what they do. It’s best to be authentic. No one likes a copycat. So try and just be inspired by other bloggers but don’t steal from them. Also reaching out to fellow bloggers and networking with them can help. The blogging community is a large community and we can all help each other out.

This last part is about how to be creative during this crisis we are all facing. As a blogger,a lot what we blog about takes place outside of our homes. As we all know a lot of those things are not available to us. So this is when you have to dig deep into your creativity. It can be challenging because we are basically doing the same thing everyday.

Think about your picture locations. To switch it up try different locations in your home. Take pictures outside of your home like in the front yard,the backyard, your garden or pool if you have one. Do different looks like your favorite lounge wear or pajamas. You can share some off your new favorite outfits that people can shop online. You can also blog about your beauty care and skincare. You can also share with your readers what you are up to during this time.

I truly hope these few tips will help those who are having a tough time being creative. Thank you for checking out this post. Please feel free to leave a comment blow.



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