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Building Your Wardrobe|What Every Closet Needs

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Hi Sweethearts!! Okay so I’ve been working on new ideas and content for you all. I came up with the perfect idea,helping people to build their wardrobe. I remember When I really started to get into fashion. I had to build my wardrobe up. The process started for me around 2009/2010. I’m happy with the outcome of my own personal wardrobe. What gave me this idea to do post helping people build their wardrobe was a book called “Style” By Lauren Conrad. This book was released in 2010 and I purchased it when it first came out. This book was part of helping me build my wardrobe and I just love the book so much. FYI:if you all are interested in purchasing this book you can shop it through my Amazon storefront.

This first post in the series of wardrobe building is me sharing with you all the basics your closet needs. Below are visuals of the first few pieces you need and where I purchased them. Reminder, these pieces have been purchased over a period of time. There are many different stores where you can find these items like Walmart,Target,Amazon and even the thrift store. I hope this post helps you out and you enjoyed reading it. If you have any question or comments you can leave them below. Thank You For Checking This Post Out!!


Six Style Pieces Your Closet Needs

White T-Shirt-Walmart

Black Blaze-Forever21




White Sneakers-Converse

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