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Enjoy Life|My Fun Filled Weekend

"Enjoy Moments Before They Become Memories"

This past weekend was so much fun. It was busy busy busy, I was on go all Saturday. I took Sunday to rest. This post isn't just a regular post about my weekend. This post has more meaning to it. This post is special because it's about me getting back to me and enjoying life again. The last few years I dealt with depression and it robbed me of many amazing moments. It did so in a way where I lost interest in things I loved or I didn't fully enjoy the things I loved. On this healthier mental health journey I'm getting back to me. I'm enjoying the things I once did and enjoy doing things I once did.

This past weekend I spent it with my boyfriend, my coworkers and a friend of mine. Saturday afternoon me and my boyfriend had lunch at PDQ. It was my first time eating there. It a nice fast food restaurant for a quick bite to eat. They have yummy milkshakes. Saturday evening me and my boyfriend went to Clasico Itlian Chopshop for my coworker's birthday dinner. I appreciate her for inviting us. It's a really nice restaurant. The food and atmosphere was really nice. It was a good vibe. Later that night me and my boyfriend vibes out and had a great time with a friend.

I am thankful to God for getting back to this point in my life. I'm really better than I was before the depression. I'm starting to fully enjoy life again and it feels so amazing.

I thank you for checking out this post. Please enjoy a few visuals from my weekend. If you have any questions or comments leave them below or email me. Check out my story time at the end of this post.



At Clasico Itlian Chophouse

Story Time

I know y’all remember the show “My Wife And Kids” that use to come on ABC starring Damon Wayans & Tisha Campbell. One of my favorite episodes is Claire’s New Boyfriend. The character Jason aka 1040 EZ played by Donnell Barrett was HILARIOUS. That episode aired in 2002.

Fast forward to 2017, he and I become friends via social media which I never thought would’ve happened when I started following him on IG. I never thought he would follow me back. I found out he had family down here. After conversing for awhile,we had plans to link but other things happened where it didn’t happen.

Fast forward to 2023 I finally got to see and spend time with someone I really consider a real friend. Last night after my coworkers birthday dinner, he,myself and Dylan hung out and had a nice night just vibing and talking.

Social media can be really used for good. When I saw that episode back in 2002 when I was 12 years old I never thought I would become true friends with one of my favorite characters on Tv that not only worked with one of the most famous families in the industry but he’s very close to them as well. It’s not even about that though, he is just a really cool person that’s down to earth and a good friend.

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