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Glamor Presents “Glamor’s Glam Squad”

Hello my sweeties,Happy Sunday

Today’s post is a little different. This post isn’t necessary geared to strictly fashion,beauty or lifestyle but this new idea I’m sharing with you all will include those elements. This post is about this great concept I came up with called “Glamor’s Glam Squad. In this post I’ll be sharing with you how the whole “Glamor” persona started, where I got the idea to start “The Glam Squad” and what it represents and will be all about. So this post will be a little lengthy. So get a snack,kick back & enjoy this post.

Where Glamor Came From?

My Glamor persona came when I was in high school. It was 2007, I was 17 going into my senior year of high school. That summer there were a few things that had happen(I won’t go into detail about that) that happened.Let’s just say it made me change up some things and help me begin to find myself. I would be entering adulthood & becoming a woman, no longer a girl. I was going to be graduating high the following year. I would be starting collage. Things were changing and I had to change along with them. The persona I was going by before wouldn’t fit that. So that summer before I entered my senior year I sat and thought who I was a person and how I wanted to be represent myself. Well I loved girly things, fashion, makeup and all of those things. so it came to me, “Glamour” would be it because that made me think of all the things I loved and was. Now I wanted it to be different so I dropped the “u” and made it “Glamor”. It sounded fun and stood out to me. So that’s who I would be and the rest is history.

How “Glamor’s Glam Squad