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Hey Sweeties!! So today's post is about hair talk.....healthy hair talk. This post will be a little more lengthy than my usual post so get a snack,sit back,relax & enjoy.

Oayk now lets get into it. Now I’ve always been “nature” because I’ve never had a perm a day in my life. Growing up I wanted to get a perm but my mother was hesitant about it. She got close to thinking about getting me a kids perm but turned against it. I thank my mom for not putting one in my hair. So in that vein of it, yes I’ve been natural my whole life. As a child I wore my hair either in bows & barrettes or braids. When I got in my teenage years I started to wear weaves. I would still wear braids from time to time but weave mostly. So throughout my teen years and 20s I wore weaves. Also in my 20s I would wear wigs in between my weave hairdos. So I wouldn’t say I’ve totally been natural when you think of it in that way because I was not wearing my natural hair.

Now earlier this year I had a talk with myself (and my mom) about wanting to start a journey to healthy hair. I don’t call this journey a “natural hair journey.” It’s a “healthy hair journey” for me. Like I started before I’ve always been natural. I just wanted to have healthier hair and to grow my hair. My hair isn’t the healthiest it can be because of heat damage and damage to my edges. I’ve always had heat put to my hair or put it on my hair myself. When I was younger I would get my hair straightened by a hot comb. When I got older and did my own hair I would use a flat iron. Also I used a blow dryer. I had damage happen to my edges when I wore braids or how my hair was braided with certain weave hairstyles. As time went on my edges got back to a healthier state. The last time they were truly healthy was in my early to mid 20s. In my later 20s I noticed a change in my edges again and my hair period. I saw it and didn’t like it.

The state of my hair made me want to make a change. I feel as I was getting closer to turning 30 it became more clear to me what I wanted and needed to do.

After making the choice to start this journey I did my research. I googled information on my hair type which is 4c. I watched YouTube videos on other people’s hair journeys. I did research on different products and the best ones. I looked up different styles and protective styles. I did and have done it all. At first it overwhelming. It’s also not very cheap either. I got a little discouraged because it was so much to it. I let those thoughts leave my head and gained confidence in my journey. I have my products I’m going to start off with for hair growth,hair care and styling. The products are pictured below. You can find most of them at your local Walmart or beauty supply store.

Now I’m ready to embark on this journey. I’m so excited about this and excited to take you on this journey with me. I’ll be doing more post on this journey.

Whew......that was a lot. Thank you so much for reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment below.



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