Fall Style|Happy Fall Yall|Fall T-Shirt From Amazon

Hi Sweeties & Happy Thursday!!

Today I’m going to be sharing with this super cute fall t-shirt. If you’re checkout out my previous blog post then you saw this look on there but I’m going more in depth about this t-shirt & look. Here is a link to that post (https://www.itsglamordaily.com/post/it-s-fall-y-all).

Ok now let’s get into this t-shirt. I purchased this shirt on Amazon for only $10. Not only is this shirt cute but it’s affordable. You can shop this t-shirt through my Amazon storefront (https://www.amazon.com/finds/post/photo/amzn1.spark.v2.spark.d4f1c2f3-f4d2-47d8-85c2-70015d5da8b5?tag=aiponsite-20&linkCode=ic7&feedType=WOMEN_FASHION&ref=fioa_shr_txt). Below are visuals and details of the outfit I created around this t-shirt. Thank you for checking out this post. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


Outfit Details


Hat & Jeans-Forever21

Sneakers-Time And Tru(Walmart)

Outfit Visuals


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