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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Sweeties!!

Now I know this year has been a lot for all of us. A lot has happened and we’ve all been through things, but this year has been good for a lot of us. We had a lot of moments or situations that we thought weren’t the best but really they were blessings in disguise. The situation that happened to the world has helped or made us sit down and work on things that we probably wouldn’t have if this haven’t happened.

I say all that to say the things we took for granted in the past we are now appreciating. We are now becoming thankful for things we thought came to destroy us but really came to restore us. It broke us down to build us back up as better people.

I’m thankful for going through the things I went through this year. It has helped me soul search,find myself and learn to be better to myself. It has helped me upgrade in many areas of my life(still in progress). I’m thankful for keeping me and my love ones safe. I’m thankful for all my blessings & lessons.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I pray it’s a wonderful day for you all. Be thankful for your blessings and family. Please leave your comments and questions below.

FYI: I have visuals of my outfit for the day, makeup and my meal + more. I also have outfit details on each style piece.


My Makeup Look

My Thanksgiving Outfit

T-Shirt:Big Lots


Flats:Time And Tru(Walmart


Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Meal

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