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Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Happy Thanksgiving My Sweeties!!

Today I’m sharing with you all this years Thanksgiving outfit/Look and how thankful I am.

Thanksgiving is the day we take to reflect on all we are grateful and thankful for. Wow……where do I start when it comes to what I’m Thankful for. For me, so many great things have happened this year. Some of those things I had been waiting on for a long time but it happened in God’s timing. Another thing that happened (I will reveal later) is something I never saw coming but I’m so thankful for it and that person. Each and everyday God has blessed me and mine in so many ways. In some ways I didn’t pay attention to before but I am now aware of.

The older I get the more I pay attention to the blessings I often took for granted. Even things or situations that may not look like blessings are truly blessings in disguise. I’m working even harder to practice gratitude. I’m working to truly appreciate the things I have now. Being grateful for what you have is the key.

Thank you for check out this post. I am thankful to you all for the support. I pray you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. Visuals of my compete look are below.


My Makeup Looks

My Outfit/Look

Hat & Boots:Forever21

Time To Eat

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