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imPress Press-On Manicure

Hey My Sweethearts,Happy Friday & May!!

So for us ladies that get our nails done this has been somewhat of a tough time because we are unable to get them done. Our best option at this time is faux nails. There are different types you can purchase from shapes,sizes,colors and designs. They are not too expensive and they are easy to apply.

I purchased some nails from Amazon. A lot of the stores that are still open like Walmart have ran out of nails. The nails I purchased were only $6.00 and very easy to apply. These nails didn’t need any nail glue. So there was no mess to have to clean up. The set always came with a prep pad to clean your nails. It has a tool to push back your cuticles and a small nail file. This set includes 30 nails. Below are pics and details of the nails. Thank you all for checking out this blog post, I appreciate it.



Red Press-On Nails By imPress Press-On Manicure

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