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Keep Calm|Wash Your Hands My BABW Spring Soaps Haul

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Hello Sweeties & Happy Thursday!!

Ok so we all know what’s going on around the world because we all are being affected by it.

We have to take care of ourselves and do what’s necessary. One of the most important thing is washing your hands. Washing your hands has always been important. A lot of us didn’t have an idea of how to properly wash our hands and for how long. With the type of job I have I knew the proper way to wash my hands. Today I’m going to share with you my spring foaming hand soaps I purchased from Bath & Body Works and how to properly wash your hands. I hope you all enjoy this post and find it helpful as well.



How To Wash Your Hands Properly

My Spring Foaming Hand Soaps Haul

Raspberry Tangerine

Beautiful Day

Caribbean Escape

Ice Vanilla Cookie

Sparkled Donut

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