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First things first......mental self care. How important is it to you?? I feel it’s the most important form of self care. When you have your mental health in order it can help make other things in your life better. The previous year was a lot much for a lot of us. I know it took a toll on a lot of us mentally. With taking care of your mental it’s good to find things that you like that will help you. Everyone is different and have different interests. Find something that works for you.


This year I am keeping a journal. I kept journals when I was younger and into my early 20s. I am getting back into it because I feel it can help keep track of all the things I feel and think daily. I can look back on those days and see how I handled things and overcame them. Plus I can reflect on the wonderful days I had.


Another plan for my mental self care is meditation. It is something new I am getting into and feel will help me on a daily with dealing with everyday life and other things life can possible bring. I’m excited to begin it and to see how it works for me.

Doing Things I Enjoy

Lastly I will be doing things I love and enjoy. Some of those things involve lighting one of my favorite candles. I love candles and have a great collection so I can light a different candle everyday. Listening to music is another great thing I find interest in. Certain music can be a great outlet to keep a person calm. It can put you in the right mood. The last two things are watching on of my favorite YouTuber. There are a few youtubers I keep up with and love their content makes me smile, laugh & also think about certain things on a deeper level. Simply taking a nap is something I enjoy as well. It’s a form of rest and relaxation.

Keeping Balance In My Life

I want to create balance in my life. I don’t want to get to a point where I’m just working, paying bills and doing nothing else. I want to enjoy life as well as I want to take care of my responsibility. I think this ideas could be great for anyone. If you are on a journey of mental self care what are some of your plans to achieve that?? Thank you for checking out this post. Leave any comments or questions you have below.


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