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Lifestyle|My 2020 Fall Candles + My Fall Collection

Candles.....oh how I love my candles. My love for candles started when in middle school. From then to now I’ve always had some what of a candle collection. I became a true candle collector in 2016. Every since then my collection has grown......A LOT(lol). I have scents for every season & different occasions. I do plan on downsizing my collection.

My favorite season & occasions of candles are fall candles. I just love the different scents like pumpkin. I didn’t become a fan of Pumpkin scents until I started really collecting in 2016.

Each year the stores bring out such great candles and I get so excited and want to buy everything(lol). This year I didn’t go too overboard. I purchased a few candles that really stuck out to me the most.

Below I’ve provided photos of my 2020 Fall candles as well as my collection of Fall candles. I have so many. I didn’t even include my mini one.I hope you all enjoy this post and thanks for checking it out. Have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.


My 2020 Fall Candles

My Fall Candle Collection


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