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Memorial Day & Weekend 2022

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Hello Sweetie,Happy Memorial Day. Today I am sharing with you all how I spent my Memorial Day weekend & my actual Memorial Day. I also will share with you the good food I ate & my different outfits.

Memorial Day celebrations usually start on the weekend since it’s a long weekend. Most people are off on Monday making it a 3 day weekend. I had a 5 day weekend. I call it a mini vacation. I started my celebrating on Sunday. A neighbor/friend invited me to a get together. It was a nice get together, small and intimate. Those are the type of events or gatherings I like.

I enjoyed some great food, music and conversations. They played raegee music most the time because my neighbor has West Indies/Caribbean roots.

Memorial Day was great as well. I spent it cooking, eating, watching some great shows with my love ones. I say overall It was a great weekend & day.

This concludes this post. If you have time please take a minute to take a moment of silents for those that this day is dedicated to. I thank all of them for their services and spend a prayer out for them and their families. May they all continue to Rest In Peace.

Below are visuals of my outfits,other pics & all the yummy food I ate this weekend and today. Thank you so much for checking out this post. Please leave all of your comments & questions below.


Memorial Day Weekend

My Outfit


By The Pool At The Party

German Beer

It was my first time trying this kind of beer(beer period). I really liked it. It was smooth and tasty.

My Food

The Jerk Chicken Was Amazing

My Memorial Day

My outfit

My Food

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