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My 2021 Easter Looks

The weekend is gone and Monday is here. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. As we all know Easter was this past weekend. It’s a holiday that symbolizes hope & new beginnings. It’s a time for family and to wear our Sunday’s best.

I decided to showcase two different looks. A classic look and a chic look. No one said you had to go the traditional route every time. That’s the great thing about fashion. You can have fun with it.

For the first look it is more of a classic/traditional route. This dress is a beautiful floral dress. It’s the perfect dress for the holiday & season. I purchased it the pervious year from Amazon. Unfortunately it’s not available anymore. My heels I’ve had for some years now. Last but not least let’s talk about my purse. I’ve had it for over 10 years now. I use to wear it all the time. I thought it paired well with my dress. I set off the look with my favorite Michael Kors’ sunglasses.

For the second look I went with a blouse I purchased from Ross. My jeans and shoes are from Forever21. My sunglasses are also from Ross. I think this is a chic take on a Easter outfit/look.

Thank you for checking out this post. Please enjoy the visuals below. Which outfit would you go with,the traditional look or the chic look?? Leave your answer and any other comments or questions you have below.


Traditional Look

Chic Look

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