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My 5th Anniversary

Wow…. I can’t believe I started this blog on this day exactly 5 years ago. A journey this has been. First off I want to say to those that have supported me from the start of my blogging journey I want to thank you all. I appreciate you all so much.

My true journey of blogging started about 11 years ago. I started off on Tumblr in 2010(which I still have that account). On my tumbler I just reposted photos or clips I liked. Be it fashion,food,lifestyle or music artist. I still post on there from time to time. Then I moved on and created a blog on Blogspot. I think it may still be up. I cringe at the thought of how I use to blog. I will say as I’ve gotten further along in my blogger journey I have grown and improved. Even with starting this blog in 2016 I have grown.

After about 3 years of having this blog I finally took it to another level in 2019. I paid for my domain. I started to put more effort into my post and the kind of content I was creating. I expanded on what I was posting and took it to another level. With expanding my blog/brand a lot of different opportunities presented itself to me. I can’t count all the different opportunities I’ve had and partook on. I am thankful for each and every one of them because they have pushed me to the next level. They have opened up more doors to more wonderful things. I appreciate them all.

I truly hope you all enjoyed this post. For those who have been on this journey with me from the start I hope you all have enjoyed my content over the last five years.

I’ve done great things but I’m only getting started. Stay tune for the next part of this journey. MUAH


My First Blog Post

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