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Our Baecation/Staycation:Our Last Day

Day 3 Of Our Staycation/Baecation

Hi sweethearts, this is the last post in this series of post. I'll be sharing how we spent our last day of our baecation.

Saturday,May 20th

On our last day of our baecation we went for a walk,made breakfast,went to international mall and spent the night in.

Below are visuals & details on our day. Thank you so much for checking out this post. I appreciate it. Leave your comments and questions below or email me.

God Bless,


Our Morning

To start our day off we went for a walk before breakfast.

Our Breakfast

After our morning walk we made breakfast together. As we made breakfast,we listened to r&b music and danced in the kitchen together.

International Mall

After breakfast we took a little nap. After our nap we went to the International Mall. That was a task because it was raining and a lot of the roads were closed because of construction. The mall is also near the airport,the Raymond James stadium so it's naturallly a lot of traffic in that area. It was extra traffic because there was a concert happening that night at the stadium.

Besides all that we had a great time at the mall.

Flor +Palma Mobile Flower Market

Some Of Their High End Stores

Where We Had Lunch

I had pizza from Rise Pizza.

My boyfriend had Tony's Roma's Bones & Burges

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