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Our Mall Date

Weekends are made for sleeping in, self care, shopping, and dates. This past weekend me and my boyfriend went on a day date. We had plans to go out for brunch. Those plans were changed when we saw how crowed the brunch place was. After brunch we were going to go to the mall so we decided to have lunch there as well. After lunch we did a little shopping at a few stores. Below are visuals of what I wore,where we ate, what we ate & some of the stores we visited.

Thank you so much for checking out this post. Leave all comments & questions below.

-Sa’kia Ellis

What I Wore

Shop My Top

Me & My Sweetheart

Where We Ate

“Red Robin”

What We Ate & Drank

Our Drink & Appetizer

My Boyfriend‘s Meal

My Meal

Some Of The Stores We Visited

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