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Outfit Idea|”Faith Over Fear” Hoody

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

“Faith Over Fear”

-Psalms 11 8:6

Faith Over Fear is the right type of message. When you have Faith fear can’t win. I feel you have to keep your Faith strong more than ever now of days. Faith helps to get us through everyday occurrences and other things that may occur. Things may not always go as we plan and unfortunate things can happen. Thats how life is.That’s when our faith is tested the most. Never let those things or people weaken your faith. Faith is one of the things we need to rely on daily no matter what. As I’ve become older my faith has grown stronger. I look back on things God got me through and gets me through. I know it’s his love for me and my faith in him that did it.

I got this “Faith Over Fear” hoody for Christmas. It was a gift from my mom. I love the message on it and it is my favorite color combinations. I’m so glad I received this as a gift. This hoody could be styles on the more girly side. It could also be dressed down. I decided to go with a more casual look.

With this casual look I paired the hoody with a comfy pair of leggings. For the footwear I decided to go with a comfy black sneakers. For the accessories I added rose gold jewelry. I thought the rose gold would pair well with the blush pink hoody.

Below are visuals of the outfit & details of the look. I hope you all enjoy this post. If you have any questions or comments leave them below. I’ll be happy to read and answer them. Please keep your Faith strong and never let fear defeat you.



Style Details

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