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Outfit Idea|Pink Is My Power Color

Pink......Is My Power Color. I love pink, it’s one of my favorite colors. When I received this t-shirt for Christmas I was excited. I was aesthetic because of the phrase on the shirt, “Pink Is My Power Color.” I thought this is perfect for me.

When I was thinking of how to style this t-shirt I had a few ideas but the idea I choice really stood out to me. When I put the look together and tried the outfit on it looked exactly the way I envisioned it would. Sometimes when you envision something it doesn’t always come out as you planned. I’m glad to say this look did.

I got the inspiration for this look from Pinterest. I added my own little touch to the look. I thought the shade of pink the shirt was would look good with light wash denim jeans. Since the jeans are high waist I thought it would look good tucked in. I always think that when you wear high waist jeans it looks best when you tuck your top in. FYI: That won‘t work with every type of top. T-shirts, tank tops and crop tops look good with high waist jeans. I added one of my favorite berets to add a little more style to the look. For shoes I was going to go with my black mules but wanted to add a little “raze dazzle”. So I paired this look with my pink fur slides.

Below are details on where each style piece came from and visuals of the outfit. I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave your comments & questions below.


Outfit Details

Beret: Time And Tru(Walmart)

Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

T-Shirt: Five Below

Jeans: Walmart

Fur Slides: Rainbow

Purse: Ross Dress For Less


Outfit Details

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