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South Tampa Wellness Spa

Hey Sweeties!! This past Sunday I got a chance to collab with one of best wellness spas in the Tampa area. If you've been following me on Instagram you would know I'm big on living a healthy lifestyle and wellness is important to me. The opportunity to collab with South Tampa Wellness was perfect.

South Tampa Wellness Spa offers so many different forms of therapy. They offer massage therapy, IV therapy as well a b12 shot and a float tank. I was able to enjoy all of what they had to offer.

Massage Threapy

This was not my first time getting a massage. I like to treat myself to one at least once a year. I usually get a relaxation massage. This go round I got a deep tissue massage. I definitely needed it. I had a lot of tension and stress in my upper back. My masseuse could tell right away when she started on that area. I didn't know I was stressed but your body has a way of letting you know. My masseuse name was Zara. She was very friendly. She did an amazing job helping my body to relax and to release the stress and tension I was feeling. I can say it truly helped. My body has been feeling more at ease.

Float Tank

After my massage I got into their infamous Float Tank. This was my first time experiencing it. When it was offered to me I wasn't too sure. After thinking it over I decided to try it out. As I've grown older I'm big on trying new things. I'm so glad I got to experience this. It is a tank that's full of salt water to help you naturally float. There are many benefits to the float tank. The benefits I gained were relief of mental distress, improved mood, muscle recovery and improved sleep.

If given the opportunity I think everyone should try the float tank at least once.

IV Threapy

There are 6 different forms of IV Threapy. The one I think was the best for me was the "The Executive". It's good for anixety,insomnia, mental clarity and focus.

This is another form of therapy everyone can benefit from.

I had a wonderful experience at the South Tampa Wellness Spa. They made me feel welcomed and took great care of me. I would definitely go back. If you're in the Tampa area you should definitely check them out.

Thank you for checking out this post, I appreciate the support. If you have any questions or comment feel free to leave then below or email me.


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