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The Perfect From Spring To Early Summer Outfit

Spring is coming to an end and summer is approaching. It’s time to get on those last minute spring outfits. You‘re in lucky though because today I am sharing with you a perfect from spring to summer outfit. The features piece is this cute purple crop top. I wasn’t too sure on the fit of the blouse so to be on the safe side I ordered a medium. I’m glad I did because I feel comfortable in it. I feel the size small would’ve left me less comfortable. When it comes to style,for me I like to look cute but be comfortable as well. The sizes range from small to XXL. It doesn’t just come in this gorgeous purple shade. It comes in 5 other great colors like coral,red,black & white. I love the detailing of the sleeves. That makes this piece standout. Overall I feel the top is a great statement piece. I can be cute in it but comfortable at the same time.

I appreciate you for checking out this post. I hope you enjoy more visuals of this top that I have provided below. Also, linked blow is where you can shop this top.



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