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Walmart Early Fall Dress

Walmart has really been coming with the fashion. One of the things I like is how they have style pieces that are fall related but perfect to wear in warmer climate areas. Florida is still pretty warm during the Fall season. So this dress is a perfect look.

This dress has so many beautiful colors in it. You can wear different color sandals or heels. The dress has a hint of pink in it so I thought it would be cute to add one of my favorite pink purses to the look. I added another Walmart style piece to the look. These tan Time and Tru sandals were the perfect choice. I added gold accessories and my black Michael Kor’s sunglasses and that completes the look. This is a simple look so it was pretty easy to put together.

Below are visuals of this complete look. I hope you like this early Fall look. Please feel free to leave comments or questions you may have below or email me. Thanks for checking out this post.

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