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Where We Stayed Pt.2|Holiday Inn Express Fort Jackson,S.C.

Hi Sweeties!!

Here is part two of where we stayed while we were in South Carolina. We stayed on the Army post “Fort Jackson.” This post is dedicated to training. This is a basic training station for people joining the military. The base is pretty quite.

As far as where we stayed, we’ve stayed here before about 4 years ago. The hotel hasn’t changed much which isn’t bad at all. It was still nice,well kept and clean. The room/suite was very nice. The hotel staff was helpful when we needed their help. They have a great complementary breakfast. I can say our stay overall was pleasant.

I have provided visuals below for you all to enjoy of the suite I stayed in. Thank you for checking out this post. Please feel free to leave any questions and comments you have below

- Sa’kia|Glamor

Where We Stayed

The Living Room/Kitchenette

The Bedroom

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