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You Won’t Break My Soul:My Mental Health Journey

Happy Topic Tuesday, I pray you are well. Today’s topic for today is mental health. In this post I’m going to share with you my mental health journey.

Depression…….Anxiety  thought they had me. They thought they would break my soul. Little did they know I took what the devil meant for evil and turned it around for good. Last year was rough for me. I had a few moments where I thought things wouldn’t get better. I thought I was stuck in a place of depression and anxiety. It started to take over my life. It ruined some beautiful moments for me. It robbed me of the enjoyment of the things I once loved and love doing. I started to think this was my new normal and I was just going to have to get settled into it. I was ready for them to have me until one day I came to a realization. This was my life and I was going to gain control over it.

The first step I took on my mental health journey was to acknowledge that I had a problem and that I couldn’t keep on the path I was on. I had to get professional help. I had to let someone know outside of my family and future husband. They had been so supportive but it wasn’t their job to “fix me”. I needed professional help.

The next step was talking with my doctor. The timing when it all unfolded was perfect. My next doctors appointment was  coming up for my yearly checkup. During this appointment there were several questions that was asked about my overall health and mental health. This was my time to be totally honest about it and to let my doctor know everything. It felt amazing to open up and be honest about my mental health. She gave me a lot of options and tips to use.

Going forward I knew there were things I needed to do as well to truly help myself. I needed to make some healthy changes and start better habits. I had to look at my life. I had to look at my habits. I had to decide if they were helping or harming me. I had to look at the things I was eating. I had to think of the things I was watching,listening to and reading.

All of that can and will play a part in your mental health.

On this new journey I am aware that life’s issues aren’t going to disappear. All the things I’m doing for my mental health isn’t going to magically make things perfect. That isn’t how life works. This new journey is to teach me how to handle these situations that will occur in life. Also to know to lean on God at all times. To be with him because he is forever with me.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. It took me a lot to do this but I’m thankful I did. Stay tune to my mental health journey to see how I navigate through it. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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