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Curls For The Girls

Curls For The Girls

What I Use On My Hair

Hey guys I'm back with a new blog post for you all. Today we are talking hair. I typically like to wear curly hair during the summer months. So I have BeautyForever Curly Malaysian Human Hair(Click Link) currently installed in my hair.I have been getting hair from this brand for a few months now and I must say I love it. So I did not know what would be good to put on this hair or what type of products would help keep the style and the curls. So I googled stuff and I saw other girls do YouTube reviews on the hair and what they used on it. These two product made their hair so pretty. It helped them keep the style of the hair and the curls on point.Of course with any curly or wavy hair water is always good to use as well. FYI:You can shop the styling gel and curl enhancing smothie through my Amazon (My Hair Products). I have more info for each product listed below. I hope you find all of the information above and below helpful and I will catch you guys on my next post.


-Sakia Ellis

Spray Bottle(For Water)

(Found At Walmat)

All you need is a simple spray bottle that you can find from Walmart, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar or your local drugstore. I purchased mine from Walmart. Just fill it up with water and spray your hair really well in all areas of your hair.

So to keep the style of the hair you will want to use this product(linked above). This product is a little pricey but it is well worth it. After I spray water on my hair I use this product to help keep the style.

So to keep those curls on point you use the product linked above. After I use water and the styling gel this is the finally product I use. It really helps to keep my curls right and in place.

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