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Time And Tru Fall Dress Try On Haul

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Time And Tru Fall Dresses

Hello all my fashion and Fall lovers. This is a special one for you all that love Fall Fashion. Walmart's brand Time and Tru always has really cute comfy dresses and they brought them back in these really cute Fall colors. These dresses are perfect for warm places like Florida during the Fall. They give you feel of Fall with these beautiful colors but you can still be comfy in the warm weather. They have many beautiful colors but I chose these three. I already had their Bay Leaf(Olive Green) one. I purchased it early this early. I recently purchased the Spiced Cider(Rust) and Apple Juice(Mustard yellow) ones this month. I love that these dress have pockets on them because I love pockets on dress. Below are pictures of each individual dresses. You can click on each picture below to go straight to the official Walmart website where you can shop these dresses.I hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you all some early Fall outfit ideas. Make sure to be on the look out for my next blog post.


Sakia Ellis

Color:Cider Spice(Rust)


Color:Bay Leaf (Olive Green)


Color:Apple Juice(Mustard Yellow)


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