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Baking For The Non-Bakers

Banana Nut Muffins

Hey My Sweethearts!! If you know me you know I love Fall. One of my favorite activity to do during the season is to bake. Now I’m not a traditional baker,I don’t bake from scratch so I use the Betty Crocker muffin mix. I like to make their blueberry and triple berry muffins but my favorite ones to make is the banana nut ones. For all my bakers that don’t bake from scratch or want to make some quick muffins you can’t go wrong with the Betty Crocker ones. Below I’m showing you how to make them. I hope you all like these types of blog post if so I’ll do more like these. Have A Great Day Sweeties


-Sakia Ellis

Pour Mix Into A Bowl

You Can Add Water Or Milk(I Use Water)

Then Mix It All Up

Pour It Into 6 Muffins Cup(The Recipe Calls For 6)

All Ready For The Oven

All Done Now,Time To Test If They Are Fully Cooked

If The Toothpick Comes Out Clean They Are Fully Cooked

The Finished Product 

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