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Thankful|Grateful|Blessed:Things I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Sweethearts!! How are you all on this lovely Wednesday evening?? I hope you all are doing well. Today I’m bringing you all a special blog post dedicated to a few things I’m thankful for in honor of tomorrow being Thanksgiving. There are so many things I am thankful for which would make this post VERY long so I’ll only be sharing a few. ~God~ Where can I start?? Without God none of the other things I’m thankful for would exist. Without God’s love,mercy and blessings I would not be where I am today. I am thankful for God’s unconditional love for me inspite of my mistakes. With everything I’ve been through in my life that I never thought I would get through God got me through it when I thought I wouldn’t. Can’t live a life without God. ~My Parents/Family~ Man I can’t even put into words the things my parents/family have done for me let alone my parents. Now as a child, parents are suppose to do for their child but once they get to a certain age that stops. Not with my parents, now they don’t take care of me like a child but they lend a lot of help to me as their adult daughter. Their motto have always been As long as you are helping yourself we will help you". I’m so thankful and grateful for them and that type of love. I’m thankful overall for my other family members that have helped me along the way as well. I wouldn’t have never got this far without their love,help & support. ~My BBF,BFF Friends~ Now as I’ve gotten older myself and some of my friends don’t talk as much as we once did when we were younger but when we get back together its like we never were apart from each other. I’m glad to have friends like those. To my BBF we have had our ups and downs throughout the 11 years of knowing each other and have spent some time apart but we always make our way back to each other and I’m so thankful we do and have. This time around things are different and have changed. This time around has open my eyes to a new person. I feel like this time around we have started off fresh and on a new path. I’m so happy we have connected and we are back on a better track. I couldn’t ask for a better person to be my BBF. My best friend.....I have known each other for over 15 years and he has been loyal for all those years. He has never switched up and has been there for me through so much. Whenever I need him he is there for me and I’m grateful for him because you don’t find too many people like that so hold on to them when you do. ~Good Health~ I’m so blessed to be in good health. Often we as humans take that for granted when there are so many people in the world with health issues that wish they were in our shoes. So I’m thankful and will show more gratitude for it. ~My Opportunities Of 2019~ This years has held so many great and not so great moments but one thing I know for sure is I’ve been blessed with so many great opportunities this year. I own my own blog/website. I sold products from my own brand.I started making real money from blogging. I connected and networked with some amazing people & I got a good job. Things I thought would never take off or happen finally did and all in God’s timing. Trusting in his timing will give you all the blessing you need and want. ~Growth~ One of the greatest blessing I could receive is growing as a woman and a person overall. So many situations and opportunities have helped me grow. Just this year alone I’ve grown from the person I was at the start of the year. Be it that this is my last year of my 20s and I’ll be entering my 30s I feel there are things & certain ways I have to leave behind. The way I use to handle situations have changed. I am more open to things. I have more growing to do but I’m thankful for how far I’ve come. ~My Supporters~ To all of you that support me,my brand and my blog I thank you. I’m thankful for those that have bought products from my brand,those who share my post,those who read all my post and give me feedback. I want to say thank you again. Thank you for reading this post, I hope you all enjoyed this type of post. Leave a comment and let me know what you all are thankful for and why. I have more great post coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll be the first to know about them. I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving. XOXO -Sakia(Glamor)

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