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Hair Talk:What I Use On & For My Natural Hair

Today post is all about “Hair Talk.” Today I will be sharing with you all the hair products and products I use on and for my hair. I also will be sharing a short story about my hair and what I choose to do with my hair.

Here is a short story. I use to wear weaves. I wore them in my teens,20s and at 30. At 31 I have stop wearing weaves. The last weave I got was in December of 2020. As of March of this year I stop wearing weaves. I wear lace wigs now. Wearing the lace wigs has been great for me because it has allowed me to let me natural hair breath more.I wear protective styles under my wigs. I am better at taking care of my natural hair.

Ok let’s get into the products I use on my hair. First up are the shampoos and conditioners I use.

Cantu For Natural Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Olive Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

OGX Shampoo & Conditioner

Next up are the deep conditioners & leave in conditioner

My Deep Conditioner


Leave In Conditioner

Cantu Deep Treat Masque

Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise

(My mom used this on my hair when I was a kid. I just started using it again as an adult. It does not I repeat it does not smell good. BUT it does works. It will leave your hair feeling soft. Once you rinse it out and do a blow out on your hair it will be easier to mange.)

Cantu Leave In Conditioning Cream

Here is what will have your curls poppin

Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

My Hair Growth Oils

Mielle Strengthening Oil


Doo Gro Hair Oil

The Grease I Use

Mega Thick Hair Grease

The Heat Protector I Use

iC Fantasia Straightening Serum

What I Use For Hair Growth

Spring Valley Adult Gummies

Thanks for checking out this post, I appreciate it so much. Leave your comments and questions below.


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