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My Solo Starbucks Date

Hey Sweeties,Happy Sunday Sweeties

This weekend I took myself on my second solo date. My first solo date was back in July. That post is right here (My Lunch Solo Date. For this solo date I went to Starbucks. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t take yourself out on dates. The longest relationship you’ll be in is with yourself. Learn to love and appreciate yourself by doing nice things for yourself whatever that may be. For me I like simple dates. So for this date Starbucks was the move. I enjoyed a croissant and a strawberry cream frapp which is my favorite. I brought along a book I'm currently reading. The time to myself was nice. Just getting out and enjoying life more has been my plan for the year. I've been doing good so far. I plan to explore more.

Below are visuals from my solo date. I pray you all enjoyed this post and the visuals below. Thank you so much for checking this out and stay tuned for future post.


Enjoying My Solo Date

My Croissant & Strawberry Cream Frappe

My Treats & My Current Read

A Beautiful Mural In Starbucks

My Outfit

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