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The Brighter The Better

Yellow……such a bright and beautiful color. It’s the perfect color for spring and summer. All different shades of yellow are simply gorgeous, especially the shade of this Amazon top. This top is the feature piece in this post.

Sometimes you want to wear a comfortable top but you want a little “razzle dazzle” added to it. Well this top gives you just that. It’s a comfortable top but it has detailing at the sleeves which provides you with the extra style you want. I’m wearing a size small in the top. The sizes range from small to 2XL. Besides this magnificent yellow shade, it comes in other colors and even floral prints. In my opinion the brighter the better so I’m partial to the yellow shade.

Below I have provided visuals of me in this lovely top. If you are interred in shopping this top I have provided a link for you to do so. Thanks for checking out this post. Leave all comments and questions below or e-mail me at .


Featured Piece

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Me Modeling The Top

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