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Hello May|Happy Mental Health Awareness Month

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Happy May and Mental Health Awareness Month💚

May is mental health awareness month. It became the month of awareness for mental health in 1949. This month is dedicated to bring awareness to people about mental health. It is dedicated to teaching people about mental health and how it can affects people and those around them. It is also created for people to share resources with those suffering from mental illness and for those with family members and friends dealing with one of these diseases. I'm a avocate for mental health. I've had my own mental health issues which are depression and anxiety. I'm not just a avocate for mental illness because I deal with it. I am one because it's affecting so many people in the world. It is affecting our world. It needs to be taking more serious. There needed to be more done about it.

There are many different mental health disorders like clinical depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, personality disorder and schizophrenia to name the most known ones. Many of us deal with one or more of these

or know someone that has. Many times people think people with mental health issues are faking it. They think they are complaining when they are really going through depression. They think the person is just plain "crazy" when the person has a serious illness. It goes back to that old saying "Be kind to others because you don't know what they are going through. Your act of kindness could help them. If you're close enough to the person or even if you aren't you can share resources with them to get the help they need. Just being there could save someone.

I thank you so much for taking the time out to check out this post. I appreciate it so much.

Below is a pic of some of most common mental health disorders. I have also provided a link for resources for those dealing with mental health and if you know someone who is. It shares different resources for different countries and different mental health disorders.

God Bless,


The Most Common Mental Health Disorders

World Wide Mental Health Recourses

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