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Mental Health Matters

"Mental Health Matters"........oh how true this is.

As of 2023, 21% of adults have at least one mental illness. That's 50 million people experiencing this and 55% of them have not received any illness. I myself suffer from mental illnesses. I suffer from major depressive disorder and anxiety. For years I kept saying I needed therapy but it wasn't till last year I took the steps to get the help I needed. We promote better physical health which is so important. Not always but most the time physical health is taking serious. Mental health is just as important and needs to be taking serious too. Mental health and physical health goes hand and hand. So they are equally important.

Mental health needs to be discussed more and more helps needs to be provided.

I am an advocate for healthy mental health. Like I've stated before I am on my journey of healthier mental health. As I'm encouraging and motivating others I'm on this journey with those who are dealing with this issue. I try and advocate in many ways. One way is with fashion that promotes positive,uplifting or motivating phrase or messages. I found this cute shirt on Amazon(Linked Here) with the phrase "Mental Health Matters". I purchased the black version of the shirt. It comes in 9 other colors. I may purchase another one in a different color. The sizes range from extra small to 3x large. I am wearing a size small(pictured below). I paired the t-shirt with a pair of jeans,a black belt and black sandals. I went for a simple look because I wanted more attention paid to the signature piece,the t-shirt.

Thank you so much for checking out this post. I appreciate the support. Feel free to comment below or email me any comments or questions you may have.


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